Aluminum Windmills
Made in America

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30 ft. Aluminum Windmill Painted Red/White/Blue by customer in Winnemucca, NV

Bring back that old country charm of yesterday. Beautify your home. Add value to your property. Relax while you watch your windmill spin with the wind and Old Glory flying in the breeze.
Our quality built windmills feature an aluminum structure with stainless steel bolts and nuts. This means they will not rust and never need to be painted like so many styles found elsewhere. All windmills come with decal tape on the fan blades and tail fin in 2 colors RED or GREEN w/ YELLOW pin stripes.
Again, that means no paint to chip off.

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windmill Bethesda
Windmill with double rainbow in Bethesda, TX painted by owner

These windmills will bring back the beauty of the old farm windmills to your yard, acreage or farm. They are designed to the highest standards and manufactured from high quality stainless steel and aluminum. When properly anchored, they will withstand the high winds found in almost any area of the country. All joints are welded or assembled with stainless steel bolts. Special plastic bearings are used on the fan assembly of all models as well as the two bearing support assemblies on the 18 / 22 & 30 ft model. All models are assembled with horizontal/vertical & diagonal supports. Fan blade tips and tail assembly have red tape on both sides. All required hardware includes stainless steel nuts & bolts as well as four in-ground anchors. Assembly can be done with a minimum of tools. No heavy equipment required but recommend 2-3 strong men to erect the 18-30 ft models. Best of all, these windmills will never rust and never need painting. On the 18, 22, & 30ft models, the fan has a vesconite bushing that requires no lubrication.

Ornamental Aluminum Windmill Stats
***Ladder not included***
Height Weight Fan Size Base Size Shipped by Price
6ft 17 lbs 24 22 UPS   $179.00
8ft 20 lbs 24 31 UPS   $234.00
10ft 29 lbs 30 35 UPS   $349.00
12ft 34 lbs 30 41 UPS   $379.00
18ft 104 lbs 48 54 Truck   $1,198.00
22ft 137 lbs 60 72 Truck   $1,475.00
30ft 200 lbs 72 84 Truck $1,800.00

Aluminum fan & tail assemblies available for replacing existing equipment, call or email for more information.

As shown by weight there are significant differences between the 6-12ft and the 18-30ft. The 6-12ft are considered garden windmills whereas the 18-30ft would be considered full sized or "real" windmills.  The 6-12ft windmills use 3/4" tubing with the fan rotating on a 1/2" shaft with bearings that require annual greasing. Shipped by UPS.  The 18-30ft models are made with 1" tubing with larger bolts and deeper & wider anchors. Vestconite bushings are used on the fan that do not require lubrication. Fan blades are supported with an aluminum hoop and the vertical shaft is supported by two bearings. Shipping costs for the 18-30ft models range from $200.00- $295.00 depending on size and location.

All models assembled with
horizontal/vertical & diagonal
Twin-bearing supports for
fan/tail assembly on 18, 22
& 30ft models.
One-inch stainless steel rod supports
the fan & tail. Square tubing is
1" square aluminum.

Functional Windmill Pond Aerators
20 ft w/ 60 fan $2,354.00*
30 ft w/60 fan $2,750.00*
*Includes 100 ft of Polyethelene air line and one air diffuser
*Capacity (approx) 2 cu. ft. per min @ 15mph wind
*Start-up (approx) 3 mph wind
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Heavy Duty Aluminum Windmills made in Iowa

Heavy duty windmills are measured from ground to center of fan.

For more information call (641)562-2198

Or (866)561-2198 Toll Free

windmill top
*****Ladder no longer available!*****
  •   8 ft tower 26" fan $615.00
  • 15 ft tower 48" fan $1,750.00
  • 15 ft tower 60" fan $1,980.00
  • 20 ft tower 48" fan $2,220.00
  • 20 ft tower 60" fan $2,480.00
  • 20 ft tower 72" fan $2,730.00
  • 25 ft tower 60" fan $2,750.00
  • 25 ft tower 72" fan $2,980.00
  • 25 ft tower 92" fan $3,480.00
  • 30 ft tower 72" fan $3,090.00
  • 30 ft tower 92" fan $3,600.00
  • 35 ft tower 72" fan $3,760.00
  • 35 ft tower 92"  fan $4,280.00
  • 40 ft tower 92"  fan $4,550.00
Note: Windmills  15-30ft are built with 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16"   aluminum
Note: Windmills  35-40 ft are built with 2.0" x 2.0" x3/16" aluminum

Windmill Kit Includes:

  • One piece fan, tail, legs, braces, hinged foot pads, wood platform & instructions.
  • Tapered roller bearings and seals on tail and fan assembly.
  • Plated bolts, nuts, washers & screws
  • Assembly required
  • Fan tips dipped in red industrial grade paint.

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